michaelkrolMichael Krol is the co-founder of Moto Interactive + Branding, a Portland, Oregon based website design and identity agency, and the founder of Phorium, a design-centric web host, also based in Portland. In 2008 he joined Iron Horse Interactive as a Technical Director and directed the Software Development teams and the Network Infrastructure teams of several IHI proprietary platforms, including IHI’s mobile (iOS and Android) initiatives. In 2011 he joined Opus Creative as their Director of Technology, and in 2012 went back off on his own to start Germinate – a web development consultancy focused on HTML5 and Mobile Web Applications.

Michael has more than 15 years of experience designing, developing and deploying websites and web-based applications and maintaining the technologies and infrastructure they run on. Through the years he has helped many different clients, from small, local businesses to brand goliaths like Intel, Nike and Adobe. As a graphic designer and programmer rolled into one, his breadth of knowledge and understanding spans both sides of the web development world, helping teams make the right decisions every time.

Michael holds multiple degrees in Graphic Design and Website Development from the University of Northern Colorado and the Art Institute of Colorado. He has also made valuable contributions to the Portland Advertising Federation and the Denver, San Francisco and Portland chapters of the AIGA. He now spends his spare time chasing four children while typing out the occasional blog post or helpful tip.

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